Learn UnLearn ReLearn

Why Learn?

Learning is the way of life.  Daily, we are constantly learning. We should seek progression not perfection. I believe that learning is a dynamic process of building one character and personality. It is only thru continuous learning, we can seek to improve and better ourselves. 

In modern times, in some cases, we need to unlearn certain things in order to learn new things. It is about making a conscious effort to forget your usual way of doing something so that you can learn a new and sometimes better way. It requires you to get out of your comfort zone, and we all know how hard and unsafe that feels. It forces you to let go of your past assumptions and beliefs which, in many cases, have been with you throughout your whole life. Questioning this feels like questioning your whole being. 


How can we unlearn?

  1. Be open to new ideas
  2. Be comfortable in knowing and doing uncomfortable things 
  3. Be curious 
  4. Be willing to take risks

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